Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Gone Home

Alle has moved on down the road. Yesterday she passed her car seat test and was given clearance to move on down the road to Rocky Mountain House. I guess when you are a preemie, and as is quite usual, have breathing issues they make you sit in your car seat for 90 minutes while they monitor your breathing and pulse rate just to make sure you are OK to travel. Now a time or two in my life I have been on car rides with folks where if I was being monitored they most certainly would not have given me clearance to travel again. But I am positive it was the driver and nothing to do with my heart. And just for the record I am NOT mentioning any names, nope, not ever!

Alle on the Way Home

She is bundled up for the trip home, not sure where her folks are taking her but it has been pretty nice around here. Our day time temps are in the 60’s sometimes even low 70’s and it doesn’t drop below freezing to many nights a week. All in all pretty nice spring weather. Below is a picture of Miss Ella and her little sister Alle Kitten a day or two before they left the hospital.


And here is a bunch I have taken over the last day or two.

And here she is lounging around at home today.

photo (4)

Now I have probably overdone the baby pictures but I guess it is my blog and I can tell it like I want to but although it is hard to believe we do do other stuff here down the road from Dogpound. Over the last week I have been doing my homework with Blue and introducing Oscar, Claire’s pony, to some of the things I hope I learned at Terri McKinney’s clinic 10 days or so ago. I have also spent a lot of time just setting in the sun and enjoying being part of the herd and here are some pictures of all the ponies we leave at home in the winter.

The two dark geldings are Razz and Coal, the dun with the high withers (swayback) is Hank, the paint is Oscar, my grandddaughter Claire’s pony while the dark pony with the blond mane belongs to our other granddaughter Madison, Smokey is the gray on the right and in the back behind Smokey is Rosie, my gelding Blue’s dam. Brenda used to ride Rosie regularly but she has developed a little arthritis so is relegated to a pretty easy life getting ridden just around Dogpound North on short rides. Hank has a sore shoulder and comes up lame if he is used hard so he to is a pasture ornament here.

Yesterday while Alle was working on her car seat test Brenda and I decided to run up to a friend of ours Old WR and his new wife Tracey to check out this years crop of foals. Wayne as well as being a good friend is where we bought Rosie and he owned the stud that was Blue’s sire. He always has some great cow horses around and this year was no exception. Brenda would have brought these two home with us if we had brought the trailer I think.


And the little filly in the bottom picture may make it yet.


  1. Glad all of your 'fillies' are doing well. :)

  2. Now that Alle is home, she is going to thrive and start growing like a weed.

    Smart move leaving the trailer home... ;c)

  3. I think you are right John, go get the trailer!

  4. What beautiful little girls! (The grown-up girl is pretty good looking herself!)

  5. That picture of Ella and Alle is a real keeper for sure!

    Looks like that little filly with Brenda is going to be a keeper too!

  6. Great news about Alle's homecoming. Nice pix too....and not that many, in our view!

    It's fun horsing around for you two. I can see why Brenda would have wanted the horse trailer nearby...but lucky for you that it was left at home.

  7. Howdy Dogpounders,
    That is a coool bunch of horseflesh
    y'all have there and the neighbors
    are pretty too, also.. I'm like Brenda; I want to take those two home, too, also.. We have a new baby, but haven't been able to catch it to tell what sex it is!! It looks a lot like the sorrel/white sox..
    Horses are nice to love, but are expensive as blondes!!!
    butterbean carpenter
    RunningStar Ranch
    Coleman county, Texas

  8. Yes! Bring home that Filly in the bottom picture! She and Allie Kitten can grow up together!!! She'll be riding it at about 8 years old....

  9. yeahhhh for Allie Kitten....she is sooo cute...love the foals...they also are darling...