Friday, December 17, 2010

Eating and Partying!

Wednesday was Parker, Rollie and Gina’s SIL’s, birthday and we got ourselves invited along to the party.


From the left, Parker, Ashley, Nicole, some LSU fan in a purple shirt, Brenda, Gina, and Wanda and Phil, Parker’s parents. It was a fun evening with wonderful people at a place called Chimes. Parker and Ashley had flown in from Grenada, where they are attending medical school, just a couple of days before we arrived. And here they are playing doctor with one of Parker’s Birthday presents from his parents.


Earlier in the day Brenda and I had run down to Gonzales to the local Cabela’s to look for a couple of chairs we want, never did find the right chairs but we did buy up their entire supply of Cinnamon Apple jelly.

Today was a hanging around the Thurstons kind of day for Rollie and I, but Brenda and Gina did get in a little retail therapy as they headed out for the afternoon shopping all over town. Rollie and I did get out and buy some shrimp for us to freeze and take with us as we head towards the desert. But just to make sure that the shrimp was good we asked/forced/coerced Rollie to do a shrimp boil for us. As it was last time in April 2009 this one was excellent also and we feasted till we almost burst. Here Rollie is doing the cooking with Meg peering through the fence behind him trying to figure out what smelled so good.


Below is Rollie spreading the feast out before we fell ravenously on it. Oh yah, and there in the foreground are a few miniature frozen peanut butter pies, still under construction but certainly ready for eating soon.


Here we are eating, and eating, and eating, but for the most part this meal is good for you and certainly a much more low fat diet than what I have been eating for the most part since we arrived in the Great State of Louisiana. Go Tigers.


Here Gina is portioning out the last couple of pieces of that great Key Lime Pie that daughter Nicole had made the other day, I could have eaten it all it is so good, and with the spices in the shrimp boil it was the perfect complimentary taste for desert.


I met Rollie’s dad this morning when he came over for some of Gina’s biscuits and he brought us a couple of handmade gifts, one a hamburger press and the other a biscuit cutter.


Our visit here is coming to an end as tomorrow we are heading for the Anahuac National Wildlife Refuge to meet up with Judy and Emma for a short visit. Our time with the Thurston family and their friends has been wonderful, they are so warm and loving and go to such great efforts to make us feel included in everything they do.


  1. I have been living in Louisiana for over 15 years now and have never had a Rollie's shrimp boil! Whats up with that? lol ;)

  2. Hey y'all! Just catching up with your blog and travels. I hope you guys are doing well. We feel really special to be part of your blog =) Have a wonderful New Year! All the best. -Parker and Ashley